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An easy-to-use website that allows people to build and execute Flash loan-backed trades through a simple yet powerful User Interface

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What is a flash loan?

Flash loans are a new uncollateralised loan product in DeFi.

Flash loans empower traders and DeFi users by enabling instant borrowing with no collateral required provided that the liquidity is returned to the pool within one transaction block.

How is this achieved?

If the flash loan trade will not return the full liquidity to the pool, the whole transaction is reversed to effectively undo all the actions executed until that point. This guarantees the safety of the funds in the reserve pool.

Who is it for?

Flashloans.com can be utilised by anyone with a web 3 wallet and a requirement for using Flash loan liquidity- either this is to perform an arbitrage trade, self liquidate a DeFi loan, or providing a collateral swap for an existing DeFi position and more.

Example of a lending pool mechanism in the DeFi ecosystem

Platform integrations

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Balancer V1




Core team & Advisors

David Pedrini (CEO/Founder)

David has been in the blockchain industry since 2015 and has built an existing portfolio of live and upcoming Dapps in the ecosystem, Flashloans.com was founded with the purpose of making flash loans accessible to all crypto users and not just developers. You can visit the existing projects built by David on the following links: Multisend.org, Trondsender.com, Binancesender.com.

Shivam (Developer)

Shivam is an experienced Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Defi, Blockchain, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, NodeJs and MongoDB, as well as being a Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) focused in Computer Science from Institute of Technology & Management.

Aiz (UI designer)

Aiz has 10+ years of experience in graphics designing which has now evolved into branding concept development, frontend UI/UX designing & prototyping. Furthermore, he also has few years of exprience with technical writing and general management.

Tammy Paola (Marketing manager)

Experienced business and marketing consultant, passionate about helping businesses grow. Tammy provides strategically intelligent marketing that produces results for Fintechs and technology startups. Interests lie in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech and startups.

Jayden Hoen (Content creator)

Jayden started his crypto career mining cryptocurrencies in mid-2017. He has an eye for detail and is considered a perfectionist. . With a broad understanding of the crypto space and strong marketing skills, Jayden will be bringing Flashloans.com awareness to the wider crypto ecosystem.

John Mcleod (Advisor)

Founder of JEA Associates Ltd, a boutique public relations firm focused on the Financial Services and Financial Technology sectors. With over a decade’s experience working with leading blue chip brands, I was particularly drawn to how Blockchain technology and digital currencies could change the way business and transactions are conducted. 

Phil Cartwright (Advisor)

Experienced Private Client Senior Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry in Gibraltar for 18 years. I structure high net worth individuals’ wealth using a vast array of worldwide contacts in addition to managing their trusts, companies, funds, QROPS and QNUPS from Gibraltar.


CyberFi Samurai





Strategic investors


Ferrum Network

Kangaroo Capital

Chateau Crypto

OIG group

Shima Capital

IBC group

Nine2Five ventures

DeFi ecosystem grant awarded by Aave and MStable.