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What is A Flash Loan

Flashloans are a new Defi Feature which allows you to borrow crypto funds without any collateral or signup

This is possible as the loan needs to be borrowed and repaid in the same block - if the loan amount cannot be repaid in full the transaction will not go through,,

Use Cases

Arbitrage trading

Self Liquidation

Flash Loans Academy


Flash Loan Analytics

Search out the perfect DeFi trade with Flash Loan analytics.

Level 1 Members
and Above

A custom tool to find arbitrage opportunities - browse by blockchain, DEX and token pair to find executable arbitrage trades. Timing is important with arbitrage trading so quickly build the trade with the BUILD TRADE button

Flashloan analytics is only available to users with a Membership level 2 or 3

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In order to give the best on site user experience Flashloans.com has its own built in token bridge so users can easily swap between there preferred chains without having to leave the flash loans site.

(Coming soon)
FLASH Token Membership Benefits
Stake FLASH and receive membership benefits
Membership levels
StakeLevelFeaturesFee Reduction
  • Full access to the Flashloan tool

flash_symbole10,000 FLASH1
  • Level 0 features
  • Access to 'Arbitrage analytics
  • Profile saver - Create & save a complex flashloan for future use

flash_symbole30,000 FLASH2
  • Level 1 features
  • Full analytics suite including 'Insight tool
  • All future analytics products added to the platform

flash_symbole100,000 FLASH3
  • Level 2 features
  • Zero platform trading fees
  • Access to Flashbots.com trading bot (coming soon)

No Fees




Staking FLASH grants access to unique membership benefits that will to boost your Defi trading strategy

Platform integrations


Core team & Advisors


David Pedrini


David has been in the blockchain industry since 2015 and has built an existing portfolio of live and upcoming Dapps in the ecosystem Flashloans. com was founded with the purpose of making flash loans accessible to all crypto users and not just developers.

You can visit the existing projects built by David on the following links:

Multisend.org, Trondsender.com, Binancesender.com.


Shivam Verma


Shivam is an experienced Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Defi, Blockchain, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, NodeJs and MongoDB, as well as being a Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) focused in Computer Science from Institute of Technology & Management.


Tammy Paola

Marketing manager

Experienced business and marketing consultant, passionate about helping businesses grow. Tammy provides strategically intelligent marketing that produces results for Fintechs and technology startups. Interests lie in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech and startups.


John Mcleod


Founder of JEA Associates Ltd, a boutique public relations firm focused on the Financial Services and Financial Technology sectors. With over a decade’s experience working with leading blue chip brands, I was particularly drawn to how Blockchain technology and digital currencies could change the way business and transactions are conducted.




Strategic investors


DeFi ecosystem grant awarded by Aave and



Do Flash Loans require collateral?
No. Flash loans are unsecured and uncollateralized, meaning anyone can borrow funds and avoid liquidation fees or make profits.

Do I require a membership to use Flashloans.com?
No Flashloans is open to everyone, you can unlock additional features by Staking FLASH tokens - see membership benefits here

What happens if you don’t pay your flash loan?
A unique feature of a Flash loan is the transaction will not complete if the loan cannot be repaid in full - the only way you can borrow a Flash loan is by building a transaction which will return the loan in full.

What is the Cost of a Flash Loan?
Flashloans have no upfront fees for using the platform and a small % based commission on each transaction - this is paid to the flash loan liquidity provider for example Aave and a fee to Flashloans.com. Fees can be reduced by staking FLASH tokens in return for membership levels 1-3. Level 3 members pay no platform fees, just the loans provider borrowing fees.
Users will also need to factor Gas costs

How long does a flash loan last?
A Flash Loan is borrowed and repaid within the same transaction

Where can I learn more about Flashloans
We have created FLASH Academy to provide detailed information on flashloans and the use cases for them.

Are flash loans risk free?
Yes. Lenders don’t have to worry about defaulting and can lend large amounts while borrowers don’t run the risk of liquidation.